Data Center Dynamic Optimization

The road to efficiency beyond PUE

Optimisee Argos DC & Discovery DC

Why settle for “watching”?

Why not discover what is actually happening in the data center and its impact on business?

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If the workload being executed is the key to data center efficiency and productivity...

→ Why not monitor the server and only "see" the room?

→ Why not discover how the servers behave in order to get the maximum performance?

→ Why cooling the room according pre-set parameters and not according the specific needs of the servers?

By understanding the real needs, we can adjust the cooling systems to save more energy, and we can anticipate.

How discover?

→ By monitoring the room with hardware and software, registering the required data, with the level of aggregation required not to loose information.

Optimisee Argos DC Wireless Sensor Network

This family of wireless sensors combine small size, complete adaptability, processing power, flexibility, noninvasiveness, ease of installation and maintenance, and an amazing autonomy.

The optimum solution to reliably monitor the parameters of interest in your data center

Through the deployed sensor network, you can access at any time to the thermal distribution, ambient humidity, air flows, and power demand of the data room.

Optimisee Discovery DC

Effective tool capable of offering information about the behavior of the servers, statistics, hot spots, peak demand, need for resources in time and space, airflow-related thermal problems.

Total integration with existing control and monitoring systems in the room.

Our platform adapts to the changing needs of your data center, offering detailed inventory control, real-time thermal map, per-client energy consumption…

Optimisee Discovery DC translates physical variables from the data center into business variables, showing the relevant information in 4 dimensions: time, space, clients, and applications.

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Optimisee Proteus DC

Why only “understand”?

Why not anticipate the actual behavior of the data center?

Why only analyze the problems instead of anticipating their occurrence?

Why only act in a reactive way?

It is possible to learn about the behavior of the data center and predict workload, power consumption, room temperature...


Optimisee Proteus DC

→ Through robust regression techniques and the application of models based on unsupervised learning, we anticipate the energy consumption of the servers, and the temperatures they will reach, in advance enough to their cooling to the optimum set-point.

We only need the workload characterization, data from the sensor network, and server parameters obtained in a non-intrusive way through the service processors, for the predictive models to evolve continuously.

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Optimisee Gold DC

Why only “act”?

Why not dynamically optimize?

Why “act” with a standardized solution and not with a specific response in time and space? Why not acting by Dynamically Optimizing?

We can optimize energy consumption and the global efficiency of the data center by applying the previously acquired knowledge about the workload and the resources of your data center.

Optimisee Gold DC

Our platform proposes concrete actuations to be performed in your data center, with an estimation of the impact in the overall energy consumption. Optimum server allocation and binding, optimum client placement, optimum virtual machine placement, and optimum application deployment are just some examples of these actuations.

From the dynamic control of temperatures and air flows, to worload migration, power-off unused servers, or optimum server and rack placement.

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